I'm Nikel (Ny-Kel). Modeling|Film|Photography. For business inquiries: nikeljohn@live.com

Anonymous asked: Kik or snapchat?

snapchat: nikelj

  -  18 April

Anonymous asked: Boy you are gay lmao . Dl nigga

What’s the point of telling me this?

  -  18 April

Anonymous asked: "Nikel so awesome! He so fucking awesome!"

lol awww thank youuu

  -  18 April

If we dated for less than 4 months, you’re not my ex. You don’t count bruh. You don’t even exist. Our relationship was a theory.

Anonymous asked: bishwhet? lmao! I love that vine, but I love u more. ❤️

Lmao it’s funny! Love you more baby girl

  -  17 April
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