I'm Nikel (Ny-Kel). Modeling|Film|Photography. For business inquiries: nikeljohn@live.com Instagram: nikelj

Anonymous said: you go to SHSU, right? ever seen and/or heard of Chris Jäy?

Heard of him from vine, but he doesn’t go here anymore.

Anonymous said: odam. Anon put you on big krit. listen to his song called "Pull Up". you'll probably like it.

Lol I just did, not really feeling it

Anonymous said: Nikel, what'd you think of that song I told you about?

I like it! its dope

Anonymous said: Post a selfie? :)

Sooon :)

Anonymous said: listen to a song called moon and stars by big krit and tell me what you think? 😋❤️

Sure no problem :)

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