I'm Nikel (Ny-Kel). Modeling|Film|Photography. For business inquiries: nikeljohn@live.com Instagram: nikeljay

Anonymous said: So today is Thirst Trap Thursday. You have to post your favorite thirst trap of someone else (one guy, and one girl) and then post a brand new thirst trap of you. Make it sexy af

Lmao what, I’m not that type of person

Anonymous said: You're beautiful.

Thank you 😘

  -  20 August

Anonymous said: im not judging you im saying your straight but your not blind when a man looks good

I’m attracted to guys that’s all.

  -  20 August

a-casablanca said: But youre handling it well 😁👍

Ha thanks I guess

Anonymous said: Pause. You go to SHSU? Makes sense why you looked familiar to me.

Lol what? You go to SHSU?

  -  18 August
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