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Anonymous said: Please delete those dancing vids ......

Please shut the fuck up?

beyondtimespace said: congrats on your face and everywhere else


tosft said: Not to bandwagon or anything, but I'm bi too and there's nothing more empowering than educating a dumbassssssss who looks for glory by trying to humiliate someone over the internet, or at all. No matter what someone's sexuality is and how you eel about it, their life goes on. So if you put your life on paise to shun them for it, then it shows that you may possibly be having a few sexuality problems on your own. Stay beautiful and ignore them as you already do.

They just paused their life, to recognize mine.

  -  27 July

Anonymous said: Okay thanks for the advice..

you’re welcome :)

  -  27 July

goldmag said: Why they treating you like u came out to the world lmfao 😂😭lol but I support u tho bruh ya sexual orientation is blind in my eyes


  -  27 July

Anonymous said: Okay cause he said "okay bye" and now we haven't text/talk to each other all day now... So now what ? And I don't wanna be the 1 to text him 1st soo

y’all being childish

  -  27 July

Anonymous said: Everyones on you now but you been mine...

Fuck what you say, you’re mine, you’re mine

  -  27 July

Anonymous said: Once ya damn say you're bi people can't stfu with these dumb ass questions , should've just kept it to yourself

I’m saying 

  -  26 July

thekingtho said: Glad you came out bro just with I was stationed by ya lol we would be cool friends

Y’all acting like I came out to the world. It’s only tumblr.

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