I'm Nikel (Ny-Kel). Modeling|Film|Photography. For business inquiries: nikeljohn@live.com Instagram: nikelj

ricendnoddles said: your tongue is so long. ☺️😍😱.

Thank you lol gotta be good for something right πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‰

Anonymous said: nikel do you believe in god?

Of course I do :)

Anonymous said: you watch legend of Korra?! omg. definitely bae! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜

That’s the show 😌

Anonymous said: if we had kids they'd probably be hella cute. Japanese, Black and Dominican! 😁😌. I'm kidding. lol you're great and I love you.

Aww that’s hella cute babies I love you too and good morning

  -  27 August

Anonymous said: do you watch anime nike? 😝❀️

No I don’t, the only anime I watch is legend of Korra

Anonymous said: what part of texas? and where you are going? lol

I’m in Huntsville, Texas. I attend sam Houston state. But after I graduate I don’t know where ima go, where ever the army takes me 😌

  -  26 August

Anonymous said: now long do you plan on staying in Texas? ❀️

Until I graduate 😌

prettydopemf said: My I get a follow back

I’ll check out your blog.

  -  26 August
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